Case Study

India's top digital lender bumps eNACH success rate by 30%

with FinBox CollectX - an intelligent risk prioritization and collections engine

Download the case study to learn how the lender: 

1. Reduced eNach failures on the date of presentation
2. Accessed real-time insights on portfolio health
3. Reduced lending overheads such as NACH failure charges and cost of multiple presentations 


With real-time borrower profiling and data intelligence powered by FinBox CollectX, the lender achieved


improvement in eNACH success rates


enhancement in collection efficiency

CollectX alerts the lender about high-risk accounts on its portfolio - borrowers with account balance lower than the EMI or when the account balance has been replenished - which can help the lender prioritize eNACH representations for assured success. 

-Anant Deshpande, Co-founder and Head of Data Products, FinBox


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