Case Study

Top furniture rental platform automates risk assessment, improves customer satisfaction by 70%

Read the case study to know:

  • How the risk assessment automation reduced the cost of customer success efforts
  • How an automated and seamless onboarding helped improve the platform's play store rating
  • How faster risk assessment led to about 83% of the rental orders being processed in less than 5 minutes

With FinBox BankConnect, the client was able to achieve



orders processed in under 5 minutes



increase in net promoter score



reduction in number of queries

FinBox helped the client streamline onboarding by automating bank statement analysis with BankConnect. By integrating FinBox BankConnect, the client minimized their operational costs by a large margin, and reduced human error by switching to a low friction automated risk assessment program.

Rajat Deshpande, Co-Founder and CEO, FinBox


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